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The environmental approach to camping in Maine-et-Loire

Ecologically committed campsite near Saumur

The environment is everyone’s business! And also that of the La Vallée des Vignes campsite. For many years now, we’ve been very aware of the importance of selective sorting. We believe that if everyone does a little, our beloved planet should be able to withstand climate change for longer.

We prefer electric to gas appliances. We take into account theinsulation of our rental properties to reduce heating consumption. Heat pumps will gradually replace all heating appliances. The entire campsite is connected to acollective sanitation system. We are actively encouraging people to save water. The campsite also uses electric vehicles.

In our 4-star campsite with heated pool, we use an automatic pump to prevent overdosing. These devices guarantee perfect hygiene while avoiding excessive pollution and inappropriate consumption.

In the aisles leading to your tent or caravan pitch, we’ve installed solar-powered lighting. For lighting connected to the electrical grid, we replace old bulbs with low-energy bulbs.

With a view to preserving natural resources, we have installed flow restrictors on water taps and meters on rentals.

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espaces vertes brebis

Maintaining our
green spaces

We do not use any phytosanitary products and useeco-pasture to help maintain the grassy areas. As such, Simone and Marguerite, our ewes, and Starsky and Hutch, our kids, as well as Oscar, Aglaë and Sidonie, and the newly arrived Jack and Rose, our geese, will be mowing the campsite lawn over the winter.

We also have Paulette and Ginette, our white-faced chickens, who feast on earthworms in the area around our house.

A protected environment for all!
sorting bins

Waste sorting

So, as well as offering you “all-comfort” accommodation, we’re taking a quality and environmental approach by providing you with sorting bins to dispose of your waste in an environmentally-friendly way. To this end, we have set up a selective sorting system throughout the campsite and at its entrances.

If you have any questions about how to set up selective sorting, come to reception and we’ll be happy to provide you with instructions.

Camping on the banks of the Layon river for fishing enthusiasts

The campsite has the good fortune to be bordered by the Layon river, in which we are lucky enough to be able to fish for chips. You can pick up a fishing card in a specialist store 5 minutes from the campsite in Doué la Fontaine.

If you wish, you can also bring your own fishing rods and enjoy the peace and quiet and the mildness of the Anjou region.

Campsite La Vallee des Vignes La Layon
fresh produce basket

Local products in bar, restaurant

Finally, at the bar-restaurant, we favor the use of fresh produce and the short circuit with quality local products rather than products requiring a high carbon dose due to the remoteness of the culture.

As you’ll have gathered, we’re committed to sustainable development at this campsite. Our aim is to enable you to enjoy a pleasant vacation in Anjou while preserving the planet for future generations.

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