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Wine estates and cave restaurants in Maine-et-Loire

Wineries in Maine-et-Loire

Domaine des Rochettes just a stone’s throw from the campsite

The Domaine des Rochettes is located 900 meters from our campsite near Saumur and covers 25 hectares. The white wines are made from Cabernet Franc and Chenin, a local grape variety. The other estate, Domaine de l’été, in Concourson sur Layon, covers 35 hectares.

Domaine Bodineau

Domaine Bodineau, run by Anne-Sophie and her brother Frédéric, is a 3-minute drive from the campsite in the direction of Les Verchers sur Layon. Their vineyards cover 40 hectares. Their grape varieties are Chenin for white wine and Cabernet Franc for rosé and red, the region’s 3 main grape varieties.

vin cave

The Estate
de la Perruche

Domaine de la Perruche is located in Montsoreau, a village renowned for its XVᵉ century château, about thirty minutes from the campsite.

Its vineyards are located in the Saumur Champigny region. Come and visit the troglodyte cellars and taste their wine. Their grape varieties are Cabernet Franc for rosé and red wines, and Chenin for white and fine bubbles.

Dive into troglodytic caves
wine barrels

Les Caves Ackerman

A precursor of fine bubbles, Jean-Baptiste Ackerman settled in Saumur 200 years ago in troglodytic cellars. Their grape varieties include Chardonnay, Chenin blanc, Cabernet franc and Sauvignon.

The Ackerman cellars have the particularity of only making fine or less fine bubbles. Visit the cellar and taste the Cuvée Royale!

Troglodyte restaurants in Anjou

Troglodyte restaurants: enjoy Maine-et-Loire in an atypical setting

The region is made up of 1,200 km of troglodytic caves built into the cliffs. Enjoy a fine meal in a troglodyte restaurant. You’ll find a village and the restaurant Les Caves de la Genevraie in Rochemenier, but you’ll also find Le Caveau and Les cathédrales de la Saulaie in Doué-la-Fontaine. To be discovered and enjoyed without moderation!

galipettes farcies specialite trogrodyte Anjou


de l’Anjou

In these troglodyte restaurants, local specialities are served. Stuffed galipettes, fouaces or fouées, you’ll have nothing but pleasure discovering these local dishes that will amaze your taste buds !

After this feast for the eyes and taste buds, it would be a shame to stop there! Discover our selection of the best places to visit in Maine-et-Loire, explore incredible castles and stroll the avenues of unmissable parks located just a stone’s throw from the campsite near Saumur!

Troglodyte delights